New! Royal Blue | Medium Mixed Boar Bristle | Crown Original 360 Wave Brush


*New Gold Engraved logo’s

*New Longer Bristle Bed

*New Extra Lustrous Piano Lacquer Finish

*New - Original CQP 2011 Bristles

360 waves in days! Achieve that well groomed look fast. The CQP BEST SELLER. The Very Best hair training brush. Creates uniform waves with ease. Deep bristle penetration. Lays, detangles, and adds luster to hair. Good for all stages. Low, Medium and Long hair.

The Ultimate Choice for those who desire the top-of-the-line grooming experience. Crown Quality Products, the inventors and originators of the Curved 360 Wave Brush, have mastered the right trajectory, curvature, design, density and bristle length that produces the most phenomenal results of any grooming utensil on the market. Whether you want to wrap your hair, straighten your hair, or obtain the best wave pattern imaginable, Crown Quality Product Brushes will definitely bring you to your desired results. This is a High Quality Luxury hair brush.

  • Mixed Boar/Flex Bristle

  • Establish uniform 360 wave pattern

  • Achieve deeper more defined waves

Designed by R.A.W


Crown Quality Pro - “ Used by mostly All the top wavers, Great for all stages of grooming, widens wave pattern, quickly grooms hair, if you could only have one CQP brush, this is the brush”

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