Diamond White - Soft - Caesar 2.0 360 Sport Wave Brush (CQP)

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Series 2 - New 360 Wave Brush. IN 2011 CQP REVOLUTIONIZED THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY WHEN WE INTRODUCED OUR INVENTION OF THE CONTOUR / CURVED HAIRBRUSH..... NOW WE INTRODUCE THE FUTURE.....THE ALL-NEW CROWN 2.0. 360 SPORT WAVE BRUSH by Crown Quality Products. THE BEST BRUSH EVER CREATED FOR OBTAINING 360 WAVES FAST!! This is the Next Generation of Innovation from Crown Quality Products. This Super Durable / Technologically Advanced Material will not break, crack, or dent with the worst punishment. Waves in days are now Waves in Hours; Use in the shower or underwater for lightning-fast results! Truly Futuristic. Series 1. Limited quantities. Collectible. You do not want to miss out on the most innovative hairbrush ever created. Every Series has new different color combinations. Once they are gone they are gone.

* Metallic Plum Finish, Solid, High-quality, Poly-Epoxy Indestructible Body 
* Slightly contoured bristles
* Wet/Dry Technology - use in shower or underwater
* Indented logo
* No-slip rubber grips
* Extremely durable scratch-resistant paint
* Comes with sequential, numbered "CQP Black Card" **When Available**
* Storage tray
* 100% Boar Bristles


1. Cut your hair low and even.
2. Shampoo hair, rinse and then condition hair.
3. While conditioner is still in your hair, brush hair under a running shower with the Crown or Caesar 2.0 for 5-10 min in your desired pattern direction. Use long straight strokes.
4. Rinse the excess conditioner out of hair. In Just One session you will see tremendous results!
5. Brush hair dry once out of the shower, and tie-down with a CQP Diamond Durag for highest compression. Do not put pomade in hair for 24 hours after shampooing and conditioning session.
6. The next day use CQP Supreme Deep Conditioning hair Pomade, brush, and style as desired. After only 2 times of doing this process ( 1-2 times in a 7 day period ), the results will make you a true believer that the Crown & Caesar 2.0 is by far the best brush for waves ever created. GUARANTEED! Note: For longer hair use the Medium to Hard bristle 2.0 brush. For shorter hair use Medium to Soft bristle 2.0 brush.


Customer Reviews

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Not perfect but a great product nonetheless

My main priority when getting this brush, was getting a soft brush for my waves. In that regard it has done a great job so far for what I need it for and I have had no problems. My second priority was the look of the brush, which led me to settle with this one. Here is where I came across some minor problems
A part of the paint appears to have been chipped off on one of the corners corner and the paint around The bristles looks a bit stained. Furthermore the black coloring of the letters under the logo is misaligned with the imprint or exceeds it in a few spots, however it looks just fine from a bit of distance. The other mistakes of the paint job have not bothered me at all, so I am also happy with that.
Overall, a good product that functions well and the only thing, that did not fulfill my expectations, was the paint job.
If you’re planning to get a brush from CQP, definitely go for it. Their brushes look cool and unique and in terms of quality I think they are great. Do keep in mind that the color you choose might not turn out to look perfect but even then, it will likely only bother you initially.