Are Curved Brushes Better for Waves?

Are Curved Brushes Better for Waves?

One of the most important weapons in your wave arsenal is your brush. You need the right tool to train your hair and evenly distribute natural oils or your conditioner. Although brushes look similar, not all of them are suitable for your waves. What you want is a brush that is well suited for your beautiful Afro hair and one that will give you the best results. What we aim to do with this article is highlight some of the features and unique advantages of curved brushes for waves.

Curved brushes VS regular brushes.

If you look at the shape of your head, you will realize that it is round (pretty obvious). So the question is, how would a flat brush work well for such a surface?

You see the problem right? Curved brushes are better suited for the shape of your head. A curved brush will follow your head’s natural contours- this has some unique advantages over flat brushes. That is why a 360 gold premium crown wave brush will give you results in a shorter time than other flat brushes on the market.


Some of the advantages of using a curved brush include:

Less time

curved brush is more efficient and saves you time. This means you see results faster when using a curved brush than a flat one. you will also get a more uniform wave. This is good news if you have little time during your morning or evening routine. You will be able to save valuable time without cutting corners.

Better on the scalp

A curved brush works better on your scalp. Since it helps you follow your hair’s natural flow, it does a better job of stimulating your scalp. Regular brushing improves blood circulation and can promote hair growth. It also exfoliates your scalp better and gets rid of flaky, dried skin.

Better oil distribution

The natural oils on your scalp condition your hair, giving it strength and luster. In some cases, these natural oils accumulate on the scalp or at the root of the hair. A curved brush will help distribute the oils down the shaft hair shaft. A curved brush will also help you get rid of excess oils that build up in your hair.

How to choose a curved brush.

Before you head online or visit a store to buy just any curved brush, there are a few things you need to know. Things like the shape of the brush, bristle type, design, and durability should be considered. For instance, the Burgundy 360 wave brush is a soft brush with boar bristle. It effortlessly trains soft or short hair and is great for detailing on waves with longer hair.

When going for a curved brush, choose one with an ergonomic design and contours well with your head.


A curved brush is a crucial part of your grooming kit. Apart from giving faster results, it also stimulates your scalp better than other brushes. When buying a curved brush, make sure you go for one that is durable, ergonomic, and has suitable bristles.




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