Classic Military Palm Brush – Black – 100% Medium Soft Boar Bristle

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INTRODUCING our Ultimate New Original Design of the classic Military/Palm flat Hairbrush. This unique and exquisite hairbrush will be the most comfortable, most luxurious brush you have ever held! Quickly becoming coined as the “Bentley of Hairbrushes.”

Made out of solid Maple, these Gorgeous Hand Finished hairbrushes feature our new Swivel Pin Angled 100% Premium boar bristles. It has a beautiful rich Piano Lacquer Finish, Gold Engraved Logo, and Side Grooves that surround the entire circumference of the hairbrush for the most comfortable grooming experience imaginable. Comes in a Luxurious Matte finish box with Gold Foil inlays; making it the perfect gift for the person of distinction and class.

  • Designed to be the ultimate beard brush and palm brush.
Get yours today. These statement piece brushes will not last!

Grooming Chart Explanation:

Training: This gauge indicates how well the bristles straighten and pull the hair into place.


Depth: Indicates How deep the bristles penetrate the hair without much effort or pressure from the user. (Note: If you have more coarse hair and just starting the process of obtaining waves you would want a brush high in depth and training.)


Lay: Indicates how well the bristles smooth and lays the hair down. A brush high in “Lay” will make sure you do not have unwanted hairs sticking up. (Note: This also indicates the depth of your wave pattern, the more you brush with a softer brush, the deeper your waves will look.)


Shine: Shine indicates how well the bristles give your hair a beautiful deep silky luster. (Note: A brush high in “Shine” guarantees a well-polished finished look. A brush high in both “Shine” and “Lay” will add depth (deepness of waves) to your wave pattern the more you use it.

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