Prime Blue | Hard Flex Bristle | Caesar 2.0, 360 Wave Brush


360 waves in days is now 360 waves in Hours; Use as a shower brush or underwater for lightning fast results! This is the Next Generation of Innovation from Crown Quality Products. This Super Durable / Technologically Advanced Material will not break, crack, or dent with the worst punishment. The best 360 wave brush on the market.

* Solid, High-quality, Poly-Epoxy Indestructible Body
* Slightly contoured bristles
* Wet/Dry Technology - use in shower or underwater
* Indented logo
* No-slip rubber grips
* Extremely durable scratch-resistant paint
* Comes with sequential, numbered "CQP Black Card" **When Available**
* Storage tray

*Hard Synthetic Flex Bristles

Designed by R.A.W & M. Ford

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