NEW: PREMIUM 360 Gold Wave Brush - Caesar - Cognac - Extra-Soft Silk Bristle

Save 23%

NEW Cognac - Extra-Soft "Silk" Bristle

  • 100% Premium boar bristle
  • Satin finish, iridescent logo
  • Generate wave formation
  • Sharpens and deepens wave pattern
  • Adds shine and luster

Grooming Chart Explanation:

Training: This gauge indicates how well the bristles straighten and pull the hair into place.

Depth: Indicates How deep the bristles penetrate the hair without much effort or presser from the user. (Note: If you have more coarse hair and just starting the process of obtaining waves you would want a brush high in depth and training.)

Lay: Indicates how well the bristles smooth and lays the hair down. A brush high in?Lay? will make sure you do not have unwanted hairs sticking up. (Note: Also indicates the depth of your wave pattern, the more you brush with a softer brush, the deeper your waves will look.)
Shine: Shine indicates how well the bristles give your hair a beautiful deep silky luster. (Note: A brush high in? Shine? guarantees a well-polished finished look. A brush high in both Shine and Lay will add depth (deepness of waves) to your wave pattern the more you use it.

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